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Welcome! The idea behind setting up this website is to reach out to you so that you would get to know me better and benefit from your views, suggestions and ideas.

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About Us

LUVEE (Leela’s Universe for Vocational Education & Employment) is an Initiative of Leela’s Foundation


LUVEE is a Unique Brand in India with Its Visionary Theory of NE3: New Era Education & Entrepreneur

Management Team

Management Team steers the efforts in furthering the mission and development of the brand of LUVEE.

Our Values

LUVEE is a pioneering initiative with view to bridge the gap between employment opportunities and the skill base

CEO Desk

LUVEE is not a Company; it’s a Vision to Ensure Entire Youth of The Nation to Participate and Contribute


Our victory is directly attributable to our employees. We are consciously growing to facilitate our expansion program



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Audio Visual
Audio Visual Method of Teaching makes the child fast in learning and remembering the same for longer time without stress of repetitive studies: Almost all the researches have proved that anything which is audio & Visual makes human being faster in grabbing the learning out of it. The College must ensure that the teaching must be with audio visual mechanism. It reduces the pain of student to keep it stored in his/her brain. That also makes the learning very interesting and fun full. Leela's audio visual classes are fabulous in this area.

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